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Cash Flow Positive

Ease Cash Flow Issues With Tax Credits & Incentives 

How much did you earn in tax credits last year?

You may be eligible to receive up to $300,000+ in tax credits by completing your Tax Management System enrollment here. This system locates, tracks, and claims the tax credits you’re eligible for and serves as an HR management system while simplifying your pre and post-hiring processes.

Introducing our Tax Incentive Management System, designed to make your business more efficient and accountable with employee and candidate processes. Customizable to your business needs and goals. 

What can TMS do for you?

You can qualify, track, and claim tax incentives while using the same system for pre and post-hire HR processes.

Your one system to do it all
Average benefit for 50 employee company $130,000

Tax Incentive Management

Your all-in-one solution to manage tax credits. The system works for you to qualify, track, and claim tax credits and incentives for past, present, and future employees and your facilities.

It's as simple as handing off your ready-built reporting to your CPA.

Candidate & Employee Management

Track candidates from application to hire. Quickly categorize, rank, filter, and determine what tax incentives they qualify for — allowing you to hire the best candidate for the job every time.

Upon hiring, your system will manage HR forms HR tasks, serve as your HR database, and track all ongoing tax credits or incentives that you're entitled to.

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